Make planning your son or daughter’s graduation party a breeze-call Mutton Party and Tent Rental! We have the largest selection of graduation necessities in the area, including Tents, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Moonwalks, and more!

Tent Sizes & Layouts:

These are some of the most common sizes of tents and layouts we do for graduation parties. If they don’t fit your needs, don't worry! We love to customize!

Shown with 4-60″ Round Tables
Shown with 4-6′ Banquet Tables
Shown with 7-8′ Banquet Tables and 8′ Food Table
Shown with 5-60″ Round Tables and 8′ Food Table
Shown with 6-8′ Banquet Tables
Shown with 7-60″ Round Tables and 8′ Food Table
corporate tent rental outside climate control corporate tent rental outside climate control
Pole Tents

This is what most people think of when they think of a tent. They feature a vinyl top held in place by center poles, side poles, ropes and stakes.

Pros: Pole tents are great when you want them set up in your yard or over asphalt that you don’t mind having stakes driven through (We do patch the holes when we get done).

Cons: Their limitations are that they can’t be setup on concrete (For example over your driveway), or butted up against a house (for example on your deck or against your garage). They also have a center pole(s) in the middle of them which does result in some unusable space.

Traditional Pole Tents
Frame Tents

This is the tent for you if you are looking for a customized installation.

Pros: Unlike pole tents, frame tents are a free standing structure made out of aluminum tubing with a vinyl canopy secured over the top of it. Although they still need to be anchored there are many more options like; flexible staking locations, concrete barrels, and even tying off to your house or deck. Overall, they are much more versatile and can be setup on decks, concrete, attached to garages, roofs, etc. 

Cons: Frame tents are a little more expensive than pole tents.

Frame Tents

Please keep in mind that very few tent rental companies include sidewalls in the price of tents. So if you need them, please order them accordingly.

Disclaimer: Although I know that some organizations teach the definition of a tent to include sidewalls and a tent without sidewalls is actually called a canopy this is not commonly how things are referenced in the tent rental business.

Walls + Doors

Tent Locations:

We can put up tents on virtually any surface, however unlevel ground can be an issue. The best way to tell if your ground is to un level to have your graduation party on it is to drag a lawn chair out there and sit down for a while. If you feel like you are falling out of your chair you probably don’t want us to put up your tent there.

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Underground Utilities: Please call 1-800-382-5544 at least two working days prior to your schedule tent installations date. They will come out free of charge to mark any underground public utilities. Please note that they will not mark irrigation lines, or invisible fences.


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