Rules + Safety

Rules + Safety Information

  1. For the safety of all participants; follow all instructions and safety procedures while using games & inflatables. For more information, refer to set up and safety information provided as well as information posted on the inflatable units.
  2. Inflatables must always be securely staked down according to set up specifications.
  3. Inflatables cannot be operated in winds exceeding 15 MPH. If winds exceed 15 MPH, discontinue use and deflate the unit.
  4. In the event of rain, deflate the inflatable and cover with a tarp.
  5. Keep inflatable away from swimming pools or lakes. Reduce the risk of electrical shock by protecting blower and power cords from wet locations.
  6. Ensure consistent power supply. Each blower should be plugged directly into a dedicated 20amp circuit.
    • In the event of power loss, the inflatable will slowly begin to deflate. Remain Calm! Help participants safely out of the inflatable.
    • Check to see if blowers have come unplugged or if power supply has been affected by other items drawing power from the same circuit.
    • Contact Mutton Rentals for further assistance.
  7. Adult supervision is required at all times. Mutton Rentals is not responsible for any injuries that may occur during use of inflatables.
  8. Adult supervisor will ensure that participants abide by the following rules:
    • Remove shoes, eye glasses, jewelry, and sharp objects before entering inflatable.
    • Food, drink, gum, animals, face/body paint, and silly string are not allowed in the inflatable.
    • Flips, roughhousing, and horseplay are not permitted.
    • Quantity of participants should be monitored and adequate space allowed to avoid collisions between participants.
    • If the inflatable has a slide feature, participants should not be allowed to jump on the top of the slide. Slides should be enjoyed by participants facing forward and in a sitting position.
  9. If the inflatable becomes ripped, damaged or otherwise begins to lose air, immediately contact Mutton Rentals office 260-432-8636 or the emergency line 260-557-4381 after checking that there is adequate power.
  10. Mutton Rentals has the right to discontinue the rental and use of any inflatable or game if it is assessed that there are safety concerns, due to operation, to the participants or the equipment.
  11. For the safety of Team Mutton and future participants and to avoid cleaning charges: remove debris, wipe down, and clean out the inflatable at the end of your event.


Download Inflatables Safety Instructions