Winter Tenting

Whether you need to throw an elaborate holiday party, add some space to your garage for a Super Bowl party, cover a time sensitive construction project, or add space to your warehouse, we have a tent to accommodate your needs – no matter what the season! Many tent companies will tell you that they can’t put up a tent in the snow, when what they mean is: they don’t want to or don’t know how.


Erecting winter tents in the snow and/or cold weather does create unique challenges that are not an issue in warmer months. Some considerations are snow removal prior to tent installation, monitoring snow accumulation on tent while it is erected, heating the tent, and removing snow from around tent in preparation for tent removal. 

Despite the obstacles, we have routinely, successfully erected tents, furnished everything under them, and heated them when needed in every month of the year.

Our clearspan tent rental structures offer tracked sidewalls for your winter tent rental needs as well as the ability to add glass entry doors and efficiently heat the tent. This translates into a temporary building space - room right outside your door that is weather tight and the appropriate temperature no matter the weather. 

Keep in mind that for long term tenting projects, including winter tents and heated tent rental, we are happy to discuss discounted rates.

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