Sailcloth Tents

Offering unique ambiance and dreamy natural light, the sailcloth tent provides vintage charm, one of a kind appeal, and truly elegant features. Top features include the translucent vinyl and the sailcloth tent poles as they are a classic wood grain style as opposed to standard metal poles found on traditional pole tents.

Other common names for sailcloth style tents are Sperry Tents, Tidewater Tents, or Stillwater Tents depending on the manufacturer.

Translucent Vinyl

The original sailcloth tents were made out of the same material as sailboat sails, thus the nautical name-Sailcloth.  Now, Sailcloth tent tops are made from a highly durable translucent or sheer white vinyl fabric, allowing only light to radiate through the vinyl fabric. 

During the day the translucent sailcloth vinyl creates a very airy feel inside the tent, making it feel more spacious and open. At night, the translucent sailcloth vinyl allows for a breathtaking exterior appearance when the lighting inside the tent reflects through the tent tops.   

The Tidewater or sailcloth tent’s sheer top also allows projection to be done from inside the tent which is then visible from outside the tent - glowing through the fabric of the sailcloth tent top. Corporate events often elect to display a logo, weddings often choose an initial or name, and fundraiser galas utilize this feature to create patterned light adding to the high-end ambiance of their event.

Rounded Ends + Unique Sizing

Why be square? Another unique feature of the sailcloth tent is its rounded ends. While most traditional pole tents, high peak tension structure tents, and clearspan tents have a square or rectangular shape, the Stillwater Sailcloth Tent provides extra style with rounded ends allowing for graceful curves inside and out. This is just one more way the Tidewater Tent style will set your event apart.

Because of the unique rounded shape and roof line of the sailcloth tent the sizing is a bit different than your typical pole tent.  In our inventory, we offer the 44’ wide Stillwater Series Sailcloth Tent which is available in these sizes:  44’x43’, 44’x63’, 44’x83’, 44x103, and 44’x123’. 


Don’t let the elegant, airy look of the sailcloth tent fool you. Sailcloth tents are engineered to withstand high-wind loads. While it’s important to know that no tents should ever be used as a shelter in high winds, it is comforting to know that your sailcloth tent stands the best chance of weathering a storm. 

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