Navi Trac Tents

The Navi Trac is officially classified as a hybrid frame tent, which means it is a mix of both a traditional frame tent and a clearspan structure tent. 

Like any clearspan tent rental or frame tent rental it doesn’t have any center poles meaning easy floor plans with uninterrupted square footage and nothing obstructing the interior view. Where this tent begins to set itself apart from a traditional frame tent is actually found in its frame. The framework of a traditional frame tent can be pretty extensive and which can detract from the visual appeal of the tent.  Instead, the Navi-Trac is constructed of a box beam framework which offers additional strength over the traditional round tube frame tents. This additional strength allows for less framework overall and creates a much cleaner and contemporary look.

Along with a streamlined look, the Navi Trac tent also has twenty-foot leg and stake spacings which eliminates trip hazards and allows for better traffic flow into and out of the tent. The Navi Trac also offers engineering which allows it to withstand high winds and adverse weather.  It also takes weather protection a step further by offering tracked or kedered tent sidewalls which not only attach at the top but also slide into tracks on the legs of the tent which eliminates virtually all flapping and blowing.  If the weather gets rough, high wind bars can be added which slide in through the bottom of the tent wall to further lock them into place. 

The box beam construction of the Navi Trac tent closely resembles that of a structure or clearspan tent.  This feature opens the door for a lot of great lighting and ceiling décor options that are very difficult to achieve in a pole tent or high peak tension structure tent.

The best part of the Navi Trac is that it matches nearly all of the premium features of a structure or clear span tent at significantly lower cost point.

We offer the Navi Trac hybrid frame style tents in 30’, 40’ and 50’ widths and virtually any length.  Traditionally this style of tent features a hip end roofline, however we also offer the 40’ wide and 50’ wide sizes with gable ends which allows for taller stages, increased headroom for performances and presentation.  Optimize vertical surfaces by utilizing the flat gable end for a projected presentation or video, simply create a foyer entry, make an extended bandshell tent, or capitalize on the consistent ceiling height through application of lights and décor throughout the tent top.

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