Frame Tents

Frame tents are ideal for the less than ideal location. Along with installation location versatility, frame tent rentals offer uninterrupted square footage with no center poles. This tent options allows for flexible floor plans and good site lines.

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Free Standing Tent

Unlike other tents, frame tents are free standing, which means that they aren’t reliant on precisely placed ropes and stakes to hold them up or give them shape. The construction of frame tent begins with building an aluminum framework or skeleton. Once this is built to size, the vinyl tent top is put over the top of the frame and then the entire thing is lifted up to install legs.

The free-standing construction of the frame tent allows for it to be installed in locations where traditional pole tents cannot be placed, like up against garages, next to buildings, over patios, on top concrete and even on rooftops.

It is important to remember that these frame tent rentals still need to be anchored. While alternatives to staking are available like water barrels and concrete weights, these options should be a last resort and need to be carefully considered and ballast properly calculated to ensure the safety of the tent, the people enjoying it and the surrounding environment.

We offer frame tents in 9’, 10’, 15’, 20’, and 30’ widths.  Larger freestanding tents are available in our Navi Trac hybrid frame style tent, and Losberger clearspan tent inventory.  Like a frame tent, both Navi Trac and Losberger options provide uninterrupted square footage, unlike frame tents, their features include optional clear tops, tracked or kedered walls, and staking locations through the foot of the tent.

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