Temporary Warehouse + Storage

Need more warehouse space by next week? We can do that with our temporary building rentals in a clearspan warehouse tent! 

Convienience of a Clearspan Structure

When considering additional temporary storage space, setting up right outside your backdoor will provide labor and trucking savings vs utilizing an offsite storage solution. Whether you are looking for temporary building tent rental or a temporary warehouse option, we can help with one of our short term warehouse rentals! 


Our clearspan temporary warehouse tents offer immediate onsite storage space combined with the flexibility of being installed on virtually any semi-level surface (asphalt, concrete, dirt, grass, etc). Standard perimeter clearspan eave height is 11’, but custom entry doors are available elevating entrances up to 17’ to allow for more clearance and easier access in and out with large equipment.

Benefits of a Clearspan

Unlike traditional tents, our clearspan temporary warehouse storage tents have no interior poles to work around when mapping out racking or the production process inside the tent. Additionally, our clear span tents are equipped with tracked sidewalls that allow for a more weatherproof environment for storing your most sensitive products and machinery.

Climate Control

If you wish to use one of these tents as a flex work space we can easily add climate control in the form of tent heating or tent air-conditioning to keep employee morale up and ensure maximum productivity! Explore more Tent Accessories with the button below!

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