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Stage Height + Site Lines:   Our clearspan tents, manufactured by Losberger De Boer, have an 11’ tall perimeter leg which allows for a taller stage without clearance issues regardless of positioning within the tent.  When the stage is positioned on the gable end of the tent, height issues are a not a factor as the peak of the structure is 20 feet high or more in the center. In addition to the extra height that the Clearspan tent allows, the number one feature is no interior poles!  Which means that there are clear sight lines throughout the interior of the tent.  This is a huge benefit when it comes to presentations & concerts.

Rigging: Clearspan structures offer engineered hanging loads which allow for trussing and lighting to be flown overhead freeing up floor space.  When your event requires extensive audiovisual and lighting design, these options will be a dream come true to your sound and lighting company. 

Band Shell: At many outdoor concerts the audience spills out of the tent.  The free-standing construction of a clearspan structure tent means we can actually leave the vinyl fabric off of the end of the tent which creates the look and function of a band shell for performances.  This allows for better sound projection to the audience outside of the tent as well as better site lines for concert goers.

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