With one of the largest tent inventories in midwest, Mutton Rentals prides itself on offering unique tent options to meet the needs of every event.

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Clearspan Tents

Clearspans are the strongest tents on the market. They are a great choice for any event that doesn't want the weather to impact the outcome of their event.

Construction Tents

Trying to keep a project on schedule despite the weather? We've got you covered.

Temporary Warehouse Tents

Need to protect some materials from the elements? Temporarily need some extra space? These structures can do all that and more!

Navi Trac Tents

A more robust frame tent offering many of the features of a clearspan, but at a lower price point. This tent is a go-to for high end weddings.

Frame Tents

Frame Tents offer flexibility - with no interior poles and the ability to be weighted down with concrete blocks allowing them to be put in unique locations.

Traditional Pole Tents

Pole Tents are the classic tent style that most people think of. While they are commonly found with stripes they are also available in all white and range in size from 15x15 to 40x200

Sailcloth Tents

This tent brings a new spin to a traditional tent. The sailcloth tent's sleek lines and sheer fabric bring a warm feel to any event.

High Peak Tension Structure Tents

This tent is known for its dramatic peaks and roof lines offering a clean and sleek look inside and out.

Clear Top Tents

A true show stopper. No better way to set a mood than to let Mother Nature in. Clear vinyl is only available with our Navi-Trac and clearspan tent styles.

Winter Tents

Tents can be used all year long! Equipped with accessories like heaters, doors, and flooring we can create a comfortable environment in any season.

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